Shadow Play - Interactive volumetric cinema

Coproduced by Audio Z and Lucion Media, Shadow Play is an immersive and interactive volumetric display device. A custom-designed miniature canvas composed of laser cutouts is installed in an urban garden, a building lobby, a museum, or a theme park. A media mix of projection mapping, lighting, special effects and surround sound bring a fantastical tale to life in the setting of your choice.

The story set in Shanghai in 2018. A man coming back home after his day at work go thru different neighbourhoods. His final stop being his workshop, he will show us how art can transform a city by bringing joyfulness to the community. The duration of the movie is 5m 19s and it is followed by the interactive 20 minutes scene. The volumetric decor turns into a giant interactive shadow garden where people are using the light of their mobile phones to reactivate few scenes of the movie.

Technical specifications

3 X video projectors 1080p,12000 lumens or higher video with appropriate lense (according to projector distance)
1 X video projector 1280p 5000 lumens or higher with 0,5:1 lense.
2 X 15 amp 220v circuits
1 clean white surface of 15m X 3 m as background
1 sound system, from 4.1 to 10.1
Mac pro with Xeon processors