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Serge LaforestPresident

After having taught «Personal Computer Applications in Music» and «Electronic Music Composition» at McGill University for several years, Serge founds Audio Z in 1991. He has since composed music for hundreds of advertising campaigns, several films and TV series. Passionate about Japanese culture, world music, photography, jogging and swimming, the work in collaboration he is most proud of his son Akira.

Stéphanie RousseauStudio Manager

Born on a bale of hay under the sweet breath of an ox, she decided at 18 to swapped her rubber boots and the hay fork for Gucci high heels and the Big City. She tasted Senegal, breathed the air of New York and traveled the world to feed her endless curiosity. Her happiness and her contagious smile can not leave anyone indifferent. In the space of a single conversation you’ll be conquered.

Alexandre CorriveauSound Engineer

Behind his good mama’s boy image hides a sensual dancer, whenever the feeling comes, as well as a mischievous sense of humor that makes him a perfect fit with his studio stooges. Emeritus golf player, sometimes microbrewer and often guitar scratcher (his own version of Keane’s “Somewhere only we know” has melted more then one lady’s heart), «Corr» as we call him, he’s a good chap.

Hélène HekpazoExecutive Assistant - Casting - Distribution

Despite her «inappropriate» love for PCs, we’ve manage to integrate her to the family without too many difficulties. Over the years, she has become the godmother of the studio; she comes into work the same way she bites into life, with smile and constant cheerfulness. Responsible of her flock’s overall happiness, she also makes sure that our client’s experience between our walls is always the very best.

Diane ValléeAccountant

Fond of sports, outdoor activities and adventures in the wild, she immediately won her place on account (get it?) of her cheerfulness, her availability and her playful sense of humor. Frighteningly efficient, numbers have no secret for her. We all love our lady-Di very much, and the fact that she is the one signing our paychecks has nothing to do with that.

Steven TrannSound Technician

Steven is everywhere, just like a ninja. Photographer, model and part-time unicat tamer, the time spent here is done waltzing between studios and the machine room. His versatility and his lust for LIFE make him an accomplished sound technician. Steven is everybody’s buddy, the muse of some and an example for many. Don’t be surprised if he one day becomes the president of the United States.

Zoé Bélisle-SpringerSound Technician

Little slugger, she is devoted to your needs while you are in a session. When she leaves the studio, she lives her life with philosophy and hunger, just like an urban panther with Bambi’s eyes would. On her longboard, she surfs and rolls from project to another, from coast to coast, leaving one adventure only to start a new one. Her changing hair and her trendy clothes certainly provoke some head turning but what we retain the most about Zoé are her altruistic attentions and her insider smile.

Martin RouillardSound Engineer

Blissful, optimist, hedonist, he’s been part of the team for over two decades. Tintin offers you a world of unique sounds in which live together his talents of composer, sound recording, engineer and designer. Let’s point out his collaboration with Bran Van 3000 at the legendary New York Electric Lady Studio. Tintin, lover of the flora and the wild, splits his time between the studio with his numerous fans, as well as on his little piece of land ‘up north’ with his sweetheart and three kids.

Dominic CabanaSound Engineer

After deep exploration of Montréal’s post-production world, Dominic joins the ranks of the «zed» team in 2002. Ever since, he serves our clients and colleagues with devotion and professionalism. Dom is an advice expert whether it’s for a restaurant choice, dealing a cellphone package or even a trendy travel destination. Being the true gentleman he is, he leads your sessions in a masterly fashion and always makes sure to treat you like the guest of honor that you are.

Alexandre Wang-LegentilSound Engineer

After attending the worldwide renowned Banff Centre Music & Sound Recording program and completing a degree in Classical Piano and Music Technology at McGill University, he is now at ease in the depths of post-production. Alex is first and foremost a passionate, a real music fan. He is actually dreaming of producing the next Radiohead. He also is an engaging character and, anybody would tell you, he’s soooooooo nice; his unbreakable smile spreads euphoria everywhere in the studio, nothing less.

Luc ThériaultSound Engineer

Luc has a Master of Music in Sound Recording degree from McGill University and is an accomplished flutist. On top of that, his 20 years in the field make him an important asset when working on the most demanding projects. The fact that he is a dead ringer for Mr. Bean might explain the pleasant mood of his recordings. The next time you come to Audio Z, bring you camera so that you can have your picture taken with Luc Bean. C’mon, everybody does it!

Vanessa SansfaçonStudio Manager

On her lazy evenings. you’ll see Vanessa at the gym, giving her all in a 3-hours zumba-combo-bootcamp class. Holiday trips to Gaspésie (940 km) are done on bicycle and “a stroll” means at least “a 10 km brisk walk”, ideally on rugged terrain… Honestly, the lady could make lots of money being a Red Bull’s spokesperson, but in her humility she much prefers the trepidations of coordinating our clients’  exciting projects. Vanessa bathes the studio with her pure and soothing energy. OMMMMMM…

Johan ChaconSound Engineer

Meticulous, patient, discrete our ‘Chaton’ is a flawless sound engineer. He leads your session with his unbreakable serenity, brings your project to term with confidence. Composed, his charming personality is what makes him an easy to love and «must have» friend, just ask every international personalities passing by our studio. Polyglot, dreamer and now a suburbanite, he perfects his general culture during his commute, either with detective stories, biographies or other philosophical tales.

Chloé SckoropadHostess

Salut! Hi! Hola! This little ball of energy with the most contagious smile will make your bellies full and will have the studio smelling like heaven with her homemade vegan treats that she bakes on a daily basis. Vegan and very proud to be, this bubbly girl will fill your day with joy and laughter. This Chloé will never cease to amaze you! To all suitors, please note that you will soon be able to resume taking a number at the entrance, as soon as we replenish our stock of rolls of paper for our «Take A Number Dispenser».

Mathieu SansfaçonReceptionist

Little Repentigny flower, he makes you want to hold him in your arms like a baby racoon. Delicate and funny, sweet Mathieu will charm you with a simple greeting. His short hair floating in the air just like a traditional Marinera would, he brings a warm feeling everywhere he goes because, he’ll tell you himself, that little man wasn’t born for cold weather.

Cynthia LarocheProject Manager

Wake up in the morning, feeling shy and lonely, 
gee, I gotta go to work.
I don’t think I can make it, don’t think I can take it,
I wonder what I’m gonna do.
But when I look around and see,
that someone is smiling right at me,
wait, someone’s talkin’ to me, hey, I got a new friend: Cynthia Laroche!

Mikiyo YamagataInternational Development

Our Japanese angel Mikiyo decided to build her nest here in La Belle Province, but as our international project manager, she regularly travels back to the land of the rising sun to represent the studio. She rigorously manages our oversea projects and is working diligently to build a strong alliance between Audio Z and Asia. Sweetness personified, discrete at all times and always ready to give a hand, Mikiyo attracts the admiration of whomever crosses her path.

Janik LaroseSound Technician

Janoune (read Jay-noon), as we enjoy calling her, strongly believes in efficiency. A job must be done well and be done quickly. Hailing from a professional sandwich-maker career, she lived by the “Eat Fresh!” motto. She has now let go of it to dedicatedly assist and prepare your studio sessions. Her positive energy is truly contagious and finds no other equal than the sound levels of her voice. Though she stands out from the crowd with her fifteen-plus piercings, don’t be one of those who judge a book by its cover, she’s one fun gal to be around. Oh and if you ever get lost in Saint-François on a late Thursday night, swing by the Smooth, she will be more than happy to give you a hand.

Rémy SealeySound Technician

Ré-mi-fa, Kung Fu master who secretly adores Space Jam, is more polite than the Queen of England, and produces fabulous music in his free time; Rémy is always looking for the full understanding of what surrounds him, which makes him an invaluable resource in many situations. At first glance he may seem a little bit shy, but once you get to know him you will see that he can always make you laugh with his quirky jokes and witty comments. No need to specify that he always puts his 100% in everything he does, especially when it comes to technical problems. He will find the solution! We, on the other hand, are still looking for the ultimate nickname for our eldest member of the control room. Any suggestions?


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